ID Cards

For the safety and security of the University community, all students, staff, faculty, alumni, trustees, vendors, volunteers and visiting artists are issued a photo identification card that is to be shown upon entering all University buildings and dormitories.
These cards are to be validated every semester and individuals without proper identification or validation stickers will not be permitted to enter any University building. Public Safety has the right to refuse access to the campus facilities to individuals without a valid University photo ID card.
Should you lose your ID card, you will need to provide the Student Financial Services Office with proper documentation in order to receive a replacement card. This also applies to new students, staff, faculty and others.
University employees require written authorization from Human Resources to obtain a new or replacement ID card. A Class Admit Card from the Student Financial Services is required for students to obtain a new or replacement ID card. There is a $35 fee for a replacement card, to be paid in the Student Financial Services office.
All student ID cards are equipped with FreedomPay, a pre-paid computerized declining-balance card system that is managed by an outside vendor. For more information on FreedomPay, visit the Student Financial Services Office on the second floor of Hamilton Hall or visit the UArts FreedomPay FAQ web page.