Gallery 817

Anderson Hall
333 South Broad Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Gallery 817, located on the 8th floor of Anderson, is one of three galleries curated by the Interdisciplinary Fine Arts program. Exhibitions of student, faculty, alumni and visiting artists’ work are shown.

Kerri Longo

SoA Juniors WIP: An Exhibition in 5 Parts

Feb 17—Mar 1 2015

Hamilton & Arronson Galleries | Printmaking Gallery | Gallery 817 | Sculpture Gallery | Gallery One

Juniors in the School of Art’s Craft + Material Studies, Interdisciplinary Fine Arts and Photography programs will present works in progress.

Loving the Alien by Philip Mastrippolito 15 (IFA)

School of Art Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Apr 20—May 8 2015

Various Galleries

The University of the Arts presents its annual College of Art, Media & Design Senior Showcase.