Faculty Resources

Members of the University of the Arts community can enter the UArts Portal for more information.

Full- and part-time faculty are invited to submit proposals for activities that enhance the ability of faculty to be productive, creative and innovative professionally and advance the recommendations of the University's Academic Plan.

Requests for proposals will be made twice per year; once in the Fall for projects that begin with the spring term and again in Spring for projects that begin in the summer and fall.

Guidelines for the submission of proposals for the Faculty  and Academic Development Fund.

Deadlines for AY 2013-2014:

Submission: January 7
Notification: January 22

Submission: April 2
Notification: April 15

Funding for superior proposals will depend on the scope of the funding need presented, the number of superior proposals submitted, and the total available funds for the academic year. Proposals will be reviewed by the Associate Provost(s) and recommendations for funding made to the Provost. Notification of award will be via email within two weeks of the proposal deadline.


The purpose of this report is to keep a faculty member’s chair or director and dean up to date concerning his or her professional activities and service contributions over the past year. Please complete and return the Faculty Annual Report Form to your Dean’s office by February 1 along with an up-to-date curriculum vitae.