Corporate & Foundations

Corporate and Foundation giving plays a vital role at the University of the Arts. Here – in the center of Philadelphia’s arts and commercial corridor – your organization’s support helps to nurture the young artists who are reinterpreting and reimagining our world at an unprecedented pace.

Art enriches our community in countless ways. It provides outlets for creative expression and reflection, creates common purpose, and ultimately it motivates commerce, thereby increasing prosperity and enhancing our quality of life. We rely on art to give distinction to our community and, by extension, to your organization’s place within that community. The University of the Arts actively seeks partnerships with those corporations and foundations that wish to boldly acknowledge the important role of art and art education in our community. 

The University offers a wider range of naming and recognition opportunities to corporations and foundations at various partnership levels. We will work to find a flexible option that best fits the needs and vision of your organization. If you recognize the significance of art in business and society, we hope that you will consider exploring the ways in which the University of the Arts and your organization can forge a creative partnership in support of art and art education.

For more information, please contact:
Amy Miller
Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations