Apple Custom Store

The UArts Apple Custom Store is designed to enable members of the University community to make online purchases from the Apple Store at an educational discount.

How to Shop the UArts Apple Custom Store
The University has collaborated with Apple to create the UArts Apple Custom Store. OTIS Support Services has put together three laptop bundles that include the models recommended for each program. See Minimum Requirements for program recommendations. These bundles include a laptop, a three-year AppleCare Protection Plan, an external hard drive and an ethernet cable. Adding a bundle to your cart will also add these accessories.

Students can also put together their own configurations, choosing a laptop of equal or greater spec than the recommended model. If you opt to create your own configuration, we strongly recommend selecting and adding the AppleCare Protection Plan, an external drive for backing up data and an ethernet cable to your cart.

You can download our Technology Purchase Checklist (coming soon!).

Students can log into the UArts Apple Custom Store using their UArts username and password. This information is provided upon tuition deposit, beginning in late April.

  • Go to
  • Click on the large blue button labeled “Log in to Access UArts Applestore”
  • Enter your UArts username and password
  • On the next page, click the image that displays an Apple advertisement
  • Look for the link called “Recommended Systems” to the right of the University of the Arts logo
  • Add the appropriate bundle to your cart or build your own
  • Place an order by providing shipping and payment information